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We are dedicated to offering the latest boho clothing at an affordable price, we stock only the best and trending products so that you can enjoy your Bohemian lifestyle.

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Pick the latest and trending affordable boho clothing for women of all age groups. Shop affordable boho dresses, bohemian blouses, kimonos, sweaters, boho outfits, summer swimwear beach lace dresses, maxi dresses, boho jewelry, and many more awesome products.

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Bohemian-Style Clothing for Women

We Heart Boho is your number one Australian online store for all the latest trends in Women’s Boho Clothing. We also stock Bohemian clothes for the older woman

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Boho or Bohemian Style History

The name of this very popular trend comes from the name “Bohemia“, a region that in ancient times was inhabited by gypsies, famous for their love to freedom. And later, the name “Bohemians” spread to the people of culture, who overthrew the consensual views.

Modern Boho clothing – is free and stylish clothing, represented by designers of custom fashion. It is for those romantic creatures, who appreciate natural fabrics and who want to highlight their trendy image with exquisite clothes.

Fashionable boho clothing combines burlap and chiffon, light cotton fabrics and fur, different ethnic motifs, including gypsy motifs, with their long wide, and multi-layered skirts with frills. Glamor, chic, classic, hippie, vintage – all these features harmonize with a moderate combination of simplicity and luxury, heavy jeans fabric, flaxen and other light fabrics, wool, and precious handmade details, and the elegance of handmade items cannot leave indifferent all refined connoisseurs and admirers of custom fashion and a distinct way of thinking.

  • So, we can identify the basic features of boho clothing:
  • Natural fabrics: linen, suede, chiffon, fur, silk, wool, velvet, leather, jersey, cotton, jeans;
  • Multi-layers;
  • Natural colors (absence of neon colors)
  • Boho prints – flowers, ethnic and eclectic prints, avant-garde;
  • Length of clothing – as usual, it’s maxi length;
  • Regarding shoes – there should be comfortable low-heeled shoes or wedges. No high-heeled shoes.

In addition, many accessories should be used: bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, scarves, belts, earrings, etc.
Reasons for the popularity of boho clothing are evident enough. This style is a great alternative to all other styles, which become popular due to imposed images of the global fashion industry. Not obeying the strict rules of glamour, boho, however, creates a very feminine, harmonious, and attractive image. The philosophy of boho – is to find harmony in what you have, so, boho clothing can be called really original, as it is notable for its bright colors, unusual style, and a great number of different trims.

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